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Dcat Screen Saver 1.63

Dcat Screen Saver plays your favorite music and displays your desired pictures
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Dcat Screen Saver plays your favorite music and displays your desired pictures.
This unique screen saver is loaded with many configurable options to satisfy all your needs.

It is a photo screen saver. This means, you will be able to choose exactly which images you want to display when it's active.
Or choose an entire directory!

The display options are also very convenient.
You can set the timing between images, and you can choose among more than 80 different transitions that can be adjusted to the speed that you prefer.
You can choose blinds, sweeps, squares, and lots more.
Play them in sequence, select the order, or let the screen saver play them in random order.
If you don't like transitions then just turn them off and the images will play one after another.

Now, about the sound.
The Dcat Screen Saver has a very good audio player built-in.
It will allow you to play your favorite music in MP3, WAV and Module formats.

This unique screen saver detects the performance of your computer and automatically adjusts the speed of transitions and images to avoid an overload on your CPU.

Another excellent feature of the Dcat Screen Saver is that it can be run in a window.
So now, if you have to work with your computer, you don't have to stop listening to your favorite music and even taking quick looks at your loved ones, or any picture that you prefer.

And, in case you forgot to do it, Dcat Screen Saver will shut your computer for you at a set amount of time.
This screen saver will meet many of your needs and will have you using it all the time.

Fernando Soni
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  • You can play your music while you watch your pictures


  • The full screen size could have better definition
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